Monday, February 9, 2009

Retreat in Langkawi

The finished painted "tiles"
Chow Soon working with intense focus on the "tiles"

a piece of tiles i saw lying on the floor and i asked if i can bring home and place in the garden and the reply from Luang Poo "ok!" yay yay yay.... and the guess what? one of his deciples offered to have it painted before letting me bring home... how thrilled of me!!! thank you thank you thank you, Chow Soon! And after that, Luang Poo written some prayers verses at the back of the tiles! thank you so so much, Luang Poo Tong Pao!

Luang Poo Tong Pao and his birth father

The finished product

Offerings made by banana leaves that symbolise 9 heavens

found a red frog in Caves

One of the old monk from Thailand

i love this parasite plants... don't know its name

i love trees... ^-^

little hut for the chicken run?

sky is sea blue at the jungle

Path leading to the caves temple

hubby and Chow Soon strolling outside the caves.

one of my favourite pics

me taking a walk in the wee hours in the morning. Normally still snoring away back home... kekekeeke...

This is his "room"

heheheeh.... me action only! don't have the courage to meditate in caves this dark! hahaaha...only good enough for picture taking @.@

one of his deciples (Chow Soon) getting ready with the oil lamp for meditation

This our master Luang Poo Tong Pao. Hey, don't judge him by the amount of tatoos on him,k? Well, i did too(initially). he's one of the kindest being i've met in the world! We (family+family friends) have known him more than 10 years now. He speaks only Thai while none of us speaks so can you imagine the way we communicate? with drawings, pointing... Tho we don't speak the same language but we have so much fun together.

Mahsuri's little memorial hut

One of the helpers there got very annoyed by this dog so she painted it with markers..lolololol

little kitten who lives in the caves.

Tadaaa... see the hard flooring? there's where we slept (in a sleeping bag of course). the ceiling height's about 2 to 3 feet. hey, is icy cold in the caves at night, k?!

Isn't this like the real person?

This is not real person, k! it's my favourite statue hand made in Thailand given to the monk by some devotees.

looking up from caves

Just came back from a retreat in 1 of the caves in Langkawi. We had to wear white clothes, sleep on the floor in a sleeping bag in caves, eat very simply, shower in toilets that don't even have flushing system etc. somehow i manage to live thru that 4 days without a fuss. For 1 that had been sleeping in a aircon room, on a Simmon king size bed with Hallmark Satin sheets of 700 thread counts for more than a decade and yes, for the 1st time in a longest time, i felt my spine and bones again for sleeping on a concrete cave floor.
In the day, we'd do some housekeeping, cooking, running errands, meditation, practising etc. With all these it pretty much filled up the whole day already.
I'm just really amaze that, i can actually live this simply without thinking about my bed back home.. ^-^

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