Sunday, August 30, 2009

it's a cycle

Staghorn fern~Platycerium Coronarium. got this to accompany my Orchids... ^-^

for once the flower's heavier than its body! hahaha...

never say die... hahahaha...
aging gracefully Vanda de cota

the artsy-fartsy fellow...promise to give a nice bloom, k?

the one i'm patiently waiting for!

another new born from Cattleya

buds from a Vanda. Can't wait to see what color it's gonna be!it's growing like 2-3mm each day... it's so damn agonising!!! but i'll be patient so long as you are healthy and happy!

hasn't got the name for this... the most elegant maroon i've seen to date!

love the dangling plants.
some born some die, Life is a cycle isn't it? it's not fair posting just the blooming fellow and leave the old wrinkly ones alone isn't it? besides, this a beautiful old lady. here's a Cattleya its flower as big as a toddler's face! it's gone...may u be reincarnated to a more beautiful, bigger bloom! hahahahaha... that's life!

this one just opened!

a bursting bud! @0@

opening to a flower

Papilionanthe Vandarum. bloomed to be a real beauty... one of my favourite..tho there's a lil hole on the petal, it's still beautiful. Who's perfect anyway? love this cos it's easy to take care. Under full sun.

semi open bud
The buds opening

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Books i got today ~.~

4 books in total ^-^
This is more like bible on 1200 species+hybrid.

gotten this because it has very good in on cultivation which is mpst important to me.

Hard cover for my collection. wanted to get an Orchid Encyclopedia but none available :(

Got this book because the beautiful Orchid on the cover.... lol......people say don't the book by its cover... let's see... hehehe...
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Friday, August 28, 2009

Beallara Marfitch "Howard's Dream"

miss this one before.. fanciful name, isn't it?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Visit to FRIM~Forest Research Institute Malaysia

can't wait for this to bloom.. haven't seen the flower before... really look fwd to this *u*

Few blooms of the day

love the star like petal
bought some rocks for the garden
new to my Orchid collection... didn't know the name neither the aunty who sold me this. bought this because of the leaves looks like banana. will upload photo once it blooms! stay tuned!!

Pink sky. i didn'tedit or photoshop this.
View from my old house's balcony

Used to come here for horse riding class but no more cos i find the horses are being "tortured" by me having to saddle on their back and go galloping round the ranch... poor horses so no more for me it's just very ''mean" thing to do for me! hahahaha... it's just me la!

Saw bride groom taking pictures there and i can acertain the pics going to turn out gorgeous!!!
Congratulations to you both!

Surprise to see a library in the FRIM. So i was all excited and literary ran in. a RM10 per entry. So we thought no wonder there's not one person in a two storeys library! Went in at 11.40 am, some 15 mins later, one of the staffs told us to leave as it's time for break and told us to come back at 2pm and we were very shock that library actually closes for lunch?!?!?!?!?!!!!! it's so absurd we thought but we just left quietly. As i was just started a book so i asked if i could borrow, the librarian answered these books are meant for staffs only! sigh.... what a joke! i am just wondering how often are these books read! it's really a waste leaving books on neatly arranged shelves of library in a deserted place! aren't library books are meant for sharing??


some nameless beautiful flower. no label signage or the sort

Hardly anyone working there. Wnted to visit wood workshop, bamboo workshop etc but the worshops are all EMPTY!!!

Wish i could bring back the parasite grown on the tree... hehehehe

gigantic plant seen by the entrance, have this outside my house compound but much smaller version of it.

Just out of the blue, hubby and i drove into FRIM for no reason.. of cos since we have not been there.. decided to walk in instead of driving in so we can take a closer look..