Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My sun flower main course plate!!! yuhoooo!

I can't rotate this picture ~_~

This fellow is as big as my main course plate! biggest "piece" of flower i have in the yard! i grew it from seed given by a very kind vegetarian store's auntie. It's grown in a pot but surprisingly it turned out to be a clump this big with no fertilizer and sometimes forgot to even water! Cheers me up everytime i look at it :) it is very rewarding to see a barely 1 cm size of seed turning to a 1.7 meter tall of a tree @.@
I can safely say this is THE flower to grow for dummies! lol
I'm so tempted to cut it out and put it in a vase! wonder how long it'll last. hmmmm... what should i do?

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