Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bliss with Phalaenopsis

no buts but more BUDSSS!!!! hahahahaha..
new born bb!

Cornu Cervi with its friends...

against the morning ray... indeed very summery..

Hopefully they get enough light here...

awesome awesome BLOOOOOM!!!

spice up the living room! *0*

very rare "print" said the seller

very delightful color to look at 1st thing in the morning!!!
Cornu cervi with a very pleasant scent

new arrangement in the hall ^-^
bought in bud. bloom at home.

Love the deep red with yellow back ground. very elegant!

New "print" so the seller said!

absolutely love the "print" on this


  1. sangat sangat cantik..admire yr phals collections very much...muah muah . raihan

  2. hi raihan,

    thank u very much! i'm crazy about them! glad u like them too! thanks!