Saturday, September 26, 2009

HELP!!! cut it or leave it???

As usual when i wake up, my doggies will come running towards me to send me their wet kisses. This morning, My Schnauzer~Oscar, as he was rushing towards me, he accidentally knocked down 1 of the Phal pot. At first, i just picked up the pot and put it back. Later, when i had my second glimpse, my heart sank as i saw ALL the leaves are torn apart. oh godd, it took 3 years for this potty to grow to this size, in a split second all the leaves are gone. I'm just praying hard that it won't die with all the tearing leaves! sob.... sob..... my heart is as torn as the leaves. sob............
Keep reminding myself, hey, no attachment here pls! this plant don't belong to me. i can't bring it along if i die, right? so it's not mine. let go... let go.... let go.... nothing is permanent.... detach detach detach.... i feel better? well maybe... a weeeeeeeeeee bit (when i'm not looking at it). Why do human love to create pain for themselves i wonder? so if u ever feel sad when u lose something or someone, try this method, ask yourself: can i bring it along if i die? if the answer is NO, then there's NO need to feel sad because that something or someone won't go with you when you are dead! (i know, it's easier said but i'll try to practise... erk hmmm...)
heheheheehe.... me and my "chimalogy"! only me, myself and i can understand (hubby always complain: i don't understand what u're posting in your blog!)... hahaha... who cares?!


  1. hi, totally agree with u..on easier said than done..hehe. i am ochid lover love yr orchids collection very much. Raihan

  2. Hi Raihan,
    thank u so much! 8D