Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I did it again!!!

yup, i bought 2 pots of this Dendrobium cos i luuuuuuv it!

Daisy bloom today... they bloom everyday anyway... hahahahah

broke this spike while unloading from car.... sob sob....

freebies from Chandra (Tibetan helper from Nurseries)! yay yay yay

this is so handsome

hahaha... the Orchid enthusiast, would like to own all of these? hahahahaha....

This is a tiny-weeny one. didn't get it cos the flower is very small...size of a quarter only!

Vanda~ Kagaawara Sandy Gold

another Cattleya... sorry but i've get it no matter what!

Leopard Aranda!! you gonna love this, Loo (my sista)!

As i've promised myself just 2 weeks ago i shouldn't be buying anymore Orchids. yeah... i bought more this time...arghhh!!! can some lock me up, please??? goddd! problem is the more i see, the more i want to buy... sigh....but........... who cares? it makes me much happier person each time! 8D lalalalalalalalalalala.... Orchids Orchids in the field, which is the sweetest of you all??

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