Monday, August 17, 2009

Mad about Orchid

So super crazy about for some reason, so i got up really early one morning after a sleepless night and go hunting for Orchids *O* Rows and rows of Orchids

almost flipped when i saw this... i was like i want these, i want that, if possible i want them ALL.. lolol...takes one to know another Orchid lover i guess...mum would be like: aiyo.. buy so many, where do u find time to take care of them?? I guess, when 1 has so much enthusiasm for something, time is not an issue anymore... ^-^ mummy, don't worry la, everyone say i have green finger... kekeke... *proud to announce*
This is so much like the Keukenhof in Amsterdam we went! almost...i mean... smaller scale only ma! *v^

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