Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lake Garden for the first time @.@

Liparis Lacerata
Aerides Odorata

Dendrobium Aphylla

Renanthera Matutina

Calenthe Rubens, Really didn't plan to buy any today, i mean REALLY!!! anyhow (^-*),I bought this from a florist call Kama Nursery. they have a nursery in Seremban and specialises only in Species Orchid. And the Owner name Kama, She's a very helpful lady and spend time to explain each species...should dropby her farm if you are there... i will... (^-^)

another spike from the same plant

This time round, i selected mostly Species. Bought this at one of the florist. love the fine thread-like thingy at the petal (please pardon my Vacab (~.~)

Took this shot because of the sky, not the garden, isn't that sad?!

Platycerium Coronarium

a peachy tone Hibiscus

Hibiscus at the entrance of Hibiscus Garden. Didn't go in after the dissappoinment at Orchid Garden

Do u see any blooming Orchid?

Species at the florists.

Oncidium. This one also taken at the florists
Very tiny flower at florist within the Orchid Garden

I finally find time to pay a visit to the Orchid Garden in Lake Garden... quite a let down for me cause i find the place is not well taken care for a place so much visted by tourists. Many of the Orchids are dried and leaves are yellowish. A really dissappoinment to me. Therefore not many shots are taken here.. The blooming flowers are only at the florists ..

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