Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chinese sinseh

my prescription~~~ yucks!!! haven't got a choice *~* pinch your nose and swallow! you like some?

taadam, here the Chinese sinseh that has been taking my pulse rate...I was told some come from far neighboring state just to let him feel the pulse rate. consider myself lucky not having to travel cross border just to see him ^-^
From just feeling one's pulse, he is able to know if one's liver, lungs, kidneys, stomach etc is functioning properly, whether is it too heaty, cold, wet etc. Amazing i always thought.

very typical in a Chinese medical store, isn't it? chest and chest of herbs

this look horribly bitter to me
jars and jars of herbs

some displayed in the showcase

After being diagnose for having a large fibroid in the uterus and being told by doctor that i have to remove it. Being 1 who is so terrified with the thought of going to hospital, op will be the last resort so i was recommended to see a Chinese sinseh at the neighbourhood. Have been visiting him since end May and been diligently taking his precription EVERYDAY. almost 3 monts now. He does different combination of herbs every 2 to 3 days. Whatever the combinatin is, it always taste horrible! But i guess this definitely is a better alternative to op. ^-^

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