Friday, August 21, 2009

This how i started~~~

This RM5 Orchid is how i started my craze over Orchid! Yup! never in my life i wanted to keep Orchid, time, how to take care, too much hassle,too much effort needed to grow one and blah blah blah... one day, hubby and i were strolling at Sg. Buloh Nurseries and stumbled into a little Orchid corner, he suggested we should keep at least one. He, being a Singaporean (his national flower mah!) said that it shouldn't be very difficult as he had them long time ago and is quite manageable (well, coming from one who doesn't like gardening at all). I was just thinking, wel,what the hack, only RM5.. and.... after few years of just leaving it at a corner, sometimes without watering it for up to a month, it'll wrinkle up and then i'd flood it with lots of water...hehehehee...then, it'll start to bloom again...hahahaha... i know this will hurt a lot of the Orchid lovers out there. Well, That's how i got started with my Orchid collection *.^

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