Friday, September 4, 2009

bloom of the day...

Mimi Palmer just opened in the morning. this one smells like Vanilla. Very agitated by the ants that's moving about on the petals!!!! what should i do??
Aranda Noorah.. this checks is the new collection added!

The so ever cheery Mokara.

This is the unknown surprise that i've been awaiting for. Rather small buds tho but i'd love it no matter what it turn out to be. looks like going to be a red+yellow flower. This is so exciting when u buy cutting that u have no idea what's the flower gonna be.

I hope this spike will go on forever.... of my ultimate favourites!
Mokara white spot just opened yesterday

Catesetum. a rather tiny pot with big buds!!! @.@ got to tie it before the bloom to prevent the flower kissing the ground... heheheheh

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