Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The blossom patio *.*

bird's nest in coconut husk
Catt. yet to know the color

The sweet white spot. Even hubby likes this
This also has been blooming forever (Not that i'm complaining). Cos the fact is i don't really know how to take care of Orchids yet and they seems to be really happy here^-^. just feel awesome! must be the great Fengshui... hahahaha...

all my darling standing tall... hehehehe.... looks like bunch of geisha with full make up, isn't it?

blue A. Noorah

The "surprise" turn out to be a beautiful Fuchsia pink added in the favourite shade now. its checks on its petal much like the blue A. Noorah that i have.

This has been blooming for 2 months now and still going strong...加油....加油... hehehehe

I have almost 20 pots of this white with red lips Phalaenopsis (butterfly in Latin). Each of them varies. Why? because i laove the pure linen white and succulant lips! hahahaha.... some with pink lines, some with polka dots etc but from afar there look the same.
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