Sunday, September 20, 2009

Should i blog about my past?

Been asking myself lately, Shold i blog bout my past? hmmmm.... considering very hard. i need feedback, please.....

Most breathtaking commercials i've watched~SIA's! Almost all employees love watching cos the ads project such a wonderful life u'd get flying with them. Obviously we were 99% wrong! Very very deceiving. Warning for the young girls: Don't get trapped!! I was the good example. Trapped for a good 11 years! If u're daddy to teenage girls, pls warn them before watching! it's just an advertisement! cos their life is not what u see in the ad! i've never get tired watching even till now. it's worthwhile watching cos they spent a fortune on ads every year. else.. enjoy the show (i mean ads) gals and guys, ladies and gentlemen!

A brief introduction about Singapore: cause Singapore is made of Singapore Airlines!

Above are all my favourite commercial by SQ, however there's 1 more in particular i can't get, it's an ad about a SQ girl getting down from a London cab in London. that's a very luring ad for young girls. If anyone get the ad, would u kindly share? Many tx!

My most recent favourite ad by SQ:

If u like old Singapore Airlines TV commercial (please.... i wasn't born then!):