Monday, September 14, 2009

I GOT COMPLAINTS!!! shhhh............

i'm probably just as confused as my lil girl here....thank u for your support, girl! Thanks for always being there for me. Love u so dearly! Your BD is coming up, let's see what to get for u. ^-^ most probably will be bananas, mangoes, jelly etc for u and Oscar. U're probably been forgotten already since Xiao Niu (nephew) is coming along end of the month but no worries girl, mummy will be there for u just like u always do for mummy. No one can replace u dear!

I got so many complaints from family members and friends! sighhhhhhhh......arghhhhhhh!!!!!! sighhhhhhh!!! :( They complain that my blog is just too congested with Orchids!! sigh.....god! what to do with person who eat, drink, sleep, dream Orchids? They literally scroll down the page right before my eyes without looking at any pictures! That hurts ok?! sigh.....Have they ever realised the time i spent taking those pictures and to build up this blog? the remarks like "what other than Orchids?", "have u something else to blog about?", "aiyo.... so boring! only Orhids ah?", "nothing to see leh!", "none other than Orchids ah?", "where got people want to read 花花草草blog one?", "u should blog about politics then people will be interested!" and so on.... hell! what do i know about politics??!! What do u want a person who spent a good three quater of a day in the orchidville to blog about? Now i'm cracking my head to improve on my blog so that people who don't like Orchids will also enjoy my blog *.* god help me!!! thennnnn i got an idea, i shall go thru all my old pictures and start blogging about it... ah ha... u guys better not regret it!!! thanks for all the feedbacks anyway, i'll try (only say try) (^-^) to blog differently i hope... hehehehe... As they say one won't "grow up" without complaints, feedbacks or comments(select the choice of word u like)! :D

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