Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fragrant Miniature Phalaenopsis

Healthy Phal that need to be repotted.
Another miniature Phal

27! yes 27 pots Phalaenopsis. what are the breeds? I have no idea. let's wait and be surprised when the spike emerge. totaling 30 pots now! I'm planning to hook it all up at the entrance and imagine when it all blooms and when you walk pass the entrance, oh lord, one will feel like walking pass the heaven! hahaha.... great imagination i have, i know. And when this breed blooms, it blooms for continuously 6 months and this Phal is the most fragrant of the genus i was told. And this is super easy to look after, u only need to water it fortnightly! hahaha... great for lazy people like me! great scent, great sight for life, with minimum maintainance! what else can u ask for??

Phalaenopsis Violacea x Venosa, sweeet little thing you are!

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