Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ulu Yam lake vs Zurich lake :D

love bird chilling out in Zurich lake
Wild Tulip by the road side.. too bad can't grow in the Tropics.

pretty windowsill

Zurich lake from the Uetliberg. Hubby and me.. ^-^

Zurich lake from far

little girl getting water for daddy to quench his thirst...

I wonder will there be any fish?!

Ulu Yam lake.. surprisingly serene and undisturbed. I wished it was a was a sunnier day so that picture would turn out more vivid in color. While upoading this picture, it reminded me of Zurich lake, u would see some pics of Zurich lake coming up.

After been most part of the world, sometimes it just doesn't make much diff anymore whichever part of the world you're at. of course other than the weather.

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