Saturday, September 26, 2009

subject: "can't think of 1"

side view, with 1 other sister

This fellow makes me itchy!!! caught it chewing up my Aerides Odorata aerial roots!!! ishhhh!!!
anyone know name for this flower? As usual, too busy caring for my Orchid and neglected others that's blooming. it has a very sweet Vanilla+Jasmine scent.
there... i made this "orchid tree".
a "simply" made method for making an "Orhid tree":
1st, i simply saw a tree branch of bout 1 meter in height outside house compound.
then, i simply tied up few seedling Orchids and "bird's nest" plant with sphagnum moss onto the tree branch.
i thought it looks quite cool, yeah? took me only half an hour to make. thinking to make another one if i come accross any more nice branches @.@
One more bud open up from the Bellina... really nice scent and sooooo beautiful...mmmmm.. i wish i could post its scent here too... hahahaha....

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