Sunday, September 6, 2009

Paphiopedilum Maudiae!!!

To me, this is better than striking a lottery when i saw this!!! i finally saw a BLOOOOOMING PAPHIO at last! Only get to see it in pictures everytime. godd!!! I've got to get this whatever the price that is calling, thought deep in my heart.. and i did!!! hahahaa....I suppose the hobbyist out there would do the same too. The absolutely most handsome fellow i came accross so far! I think many people might think i must be mad but hey... when u see it grow in your hand and when it blooms, your heart will skip one bit, k? no, i'm not exaggerating! try to grow some and u know what i mean! hahaha....and don't even start if you are not ready cause u'll end up like me, sleep, dream, eat, drink Orchids!!
The seller told me they took about 5 years to grow this one till a blooming size! *0* my heart was thinking: OMG! how lucky i am! hahahaha... thank you thank u!

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